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Highest quality auto paint services

Auto painting requires a great deal of care. When it comes to your vehicle, Grants Pass Collision dedicates their service to providing you with the highest quality paint service. Our paint specialist technicians are here to answer any questions that you may have about your repair. PPG has been around since 1883. We use the newest, highest quality waterbourne paint that PPG makes.

What our work provides

- PPG Envirobase paints

- Environmentally responsible products

- Reduced volatile organic compound emissions

- Low hazardous wastes & Envirobase (Waterbourne Paint)

- Improved air quality in the workplace

- Superior color matching accuracy

- Exceptional quality and service

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Lifetime Warranty

Every vehicle that we finish is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. That means that your paint will last you a lifetime. By using PPG Envirobase paints you are guaranteed to be satisfied for the duration of your car's life.

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You will love that our service is fully compliant with the strictest regulations. That means that your vehicle is given the best products and the best service in town. You might  have heard people discussing waterbourne and solvent borne paints and wondered how they are different. Does choosing one mean better results and the other mean better for the environment? Simply put, solvent-borne coatings use petrochemical products as the main solvent for thinning the paint. Although effective this method releases volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere during the painting process.


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Environmentally Friendly